360 Degree Communications

Workman Communcations Group offers a wide range of integrated public relations and brand management communications services on a scalable basis. We create value and provide a high degree of responsiveness as we lead our clients through every challenging situation.


Communications Planning

The development of a communications platform and strategic program is a customized process and can differ significantly from client to client. We often begin with a communications audit and competitive analysis, followed by development of a communications plan which identifies goals, audiences, key message map, strategies, tactics, timelines, benchmarks, measurement methodology, implementation plan/matrix, budget reporting and annual review steps.

News Media Exposure

Positive news media coverage is a cornerstone of most marketing communications efforts.  We regularly initiate, develop and earn positive news coverage for our clients in the media outlets that reach their target audiences.  Earned media comes in a variety of forms, including news and feature stories about the client and its products/services, inclusion of the client in other media stories relevant to the client’s products/services, favorable editorials and op-eds published about the client, and positioning the client as a trusted news and information source to specific media.

Marketing Communications

We integrate our news media publicity expertise with other traditional and digital communications platforms and tactics to effectively deliver customized brand messages and stories to the audiences most important to our clients. These platforms and tactics include advertising programs, content marketing creation, brand messaging, e-commerce, social media content management, website development, thought leadership management, video production, speechwriting and specialized editorial services.

Crisis Management

Some clients face public scrutiny for situations that can adversely affect their reputation. We help clients plan for such situations, while also jumping in at a moment’s notice to help clients deal with breaking events that require a fast and effective response in a hostile environment. Our proven approach is designed to achieve balanced news coverage for a client, even in the worst situations.

Issues Management

The best of organizations can become involved in regulatory hurdles that stand in the way of achieving their desired business goals. We develop strategic communications plans that engage stakeholders to work together to find solutions and generate supportive coverage among the news media following these issues.


Data-Driven Solutions

We take the guesswork out of marketing. In the old days, marketing was a bit ambiguous, with no way to fully measure success. Not anymore! Through careful analytics and research, we offer informed, data-driven marketing solutions that provide insight into campaign effectiveness and results. You can know instantly whether your marketing is reaching the right audience and how well they are responding.


Online marketing is all about being seen first. Customers look up the latest keywords to find answers to their questions. We use the latest online tools and research to craft the right SEO-focused content so your organization will rank high for clients looking for your product or service. Our strategies will help your product and services outrank the competition.

Influencer Marketing

People buy based more on peer review than company promotion, so Influencer Marketing is critical. We identify and recruit the latest social influencers who can promote our client’s product or service through organic and paid channels. This will increase your brand’s exposure and following by leveraging the influencers’ networks.

Social Media

Outreach across social media is critical to an organization’s success. We will manage your social media, amplify your message, and monitor follower engagement to increase your presence, driving more customers to your brand.


In-House Collaboration

Already have a marketing team? Great! We will gladly work side-by-side with your internal marketing team and fill in any gaps with valuable resources to enhance your brand presence.


Video Services

Video is one of the most engaging platforms for any brand. Our team will write, create and produce impactful videos that enhance your brand or product offerings through engaging visuals, persuasive narratives and high-quality production value.