covid response

Workman Communications Group has provided critical public relations services to many clients impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Services have included crisis communications and management
while others have been in proactive response to marketing opportunities. Here are some notable examples.

  • The Missouri Health Care Association requested our assistance in March 2020 on behalf of one of their members, a nursing home in the St. Louis area, which experienced the first major coronavirus outbreak among nursing homes across the state. We developed and implemented a crisis communications and management program which focused on pro-active transparency and timely reporting of the unfortunate situation to the news media, the families of residents and public health agencies. This strategy led to balanced news coverage during an extremely difficult time for the nursing home’s staff, and we were subsequently retained to provide similar crisis communications services to 17 additional nursing homes around Missouri and in Tennessee.
  • In December 2020, the news media came back to our nursing homes to cover stories of the first vaccinations of nursing home residents in the state and in local areas. These very positive stories have since boosted the brand reputation of these nursing homes at a time when many facilities are unable to attract new residents and face closure.
  • An IT consulting company wanted to highlight their ability to implement effective and secure work-from-home technologies for other companies.  We wrote a series of white papers highlighting these capabilities, which were then placed in target trade media and used in a social media campaign.

As our experience with COVID communications increases, we will continue helping organizations respond to the multifaceted challenges presented by the pandemic.