Advice – Resources – Impact

Founded in 1993, Workman Communications Group offers a highly experienced network of independent contractors that work together and regularly with the agency’s clients on a broad range of services.  This collaboration of dedicated and exceptionally experienced writers, social media managers, web developers, content creators, graphic designers and video producers provides integrated communications planning, issues management, internal communications, media relations, event marketing, crisis communications, advertising and content marketing. Our business model gives us ample bandwidth to handle multiple projects and clients seamlessly.

360 Degree Communications

We offer a single comprehensive resource for an extensive range of business consulting and communications services, including:

  • Internal/Organizational Communications
  • Corporate Communications
  • External Business and Marketing Communications

Management and Corporate Communications

  • Crisis planning and consulting
  • Communication Audits
  • Strategic planning and reputation management
  • Executive/Leadership communications
  • Restructuring, acquisitions, divestiture
  • Investor relations

External Business and Marketing Communications

  • Issues advocacy and public affairs
  • Marketing communications
    • Public relations
    • Advertising
    • Event marketing
    • Internet, interactive, online programs
    • Branding, re-branding/re-positioning
    • Distribution channel programs
  • Crisis communications
  • Industry advocacy/strategic partnerships

Our Process

The development of a marketing communications platform and strategic program is a customized process, and differs significantly from client to client. Following as a summary of how we approach this process for our clients.

Communications Audit
First, we gather and review current and previous marketing program plans, strategies, materials, surveys and results. This audit can also include discussions with key customers, sales people or others with important roles in the client’s marketing processes, as appropriate.

Competitive Analysis
Next, we research the client’s competition and industry trends needed to see what strategies and tactics are being implemented and understand the future landscape shaping the client’s business.

Plan Development
Finally, we develop an initial marketing and communications plan which identifies goals, audiences, message map, strategies, tactics, timelines, benchmarks, measurement methodology, implementation plan/matrix, budget, reporting and annual review steps. We present the initial plan to the client in person, discuss it and answer any questions and concerns raised by the client. Any necessary revisions to the plan are then made, and we present a final, agreed-upon plan to the client.